As the top quality XPS supplier in China, Beipeng has been implementing the rigorous quality criteria. In terms of performance, operation and safety, the lines have reached the standard of European machines which we purchased before. Comparing with European machines, it has great advantages in procurement cost, maintenance cost and service response.
We are very satisfied with its quality and good service.
USEON Customer LiuYinLou
Liu Yinlou, CEO
Beijing Beipeng
Since the installation of this line, it takes the tasks of production test, R&D and bulk production. In the past two and half years, this line has been running steadily, and achieved its mission excellently.
In respects of performance, operation and safety (through cooperative modifications), this line has reached standard of European machines that we purchased before. Comparing with European machines, it is very competitive in procurement cost and maintenance cost.
All in all, we are satisfied with this line (TDS95-TDD300 XPS production line).
Xu Houan, Plant Manager
Owens Corning
Useon’s high torque twin screw extruder has excellent productivity. Their quality and stability is beyond my expectation. I have to say Useon is a good partner.
Mr. Lee, CEO
ShenZhen Taisu
Their twin screw extrusion system helped us save 30% electricity consumption substantially. It’s a good number for cost containment.
Mr. Ju
Shandong Shenghe

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