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If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while you count your money.

Due to the pressures of population growth, overconsumption, and the constant demand for more of everything, the environment of our planet is suffering constant erosion, that is sometimes irreversible. This challenge is now well publicised globally, and collectively, we the human race, have a responsibility to take action.

Many of the earth’s resources are especially vulnerable, and are impacted by human actions, across different countries. As a result, governments are introducing tougher regulations, and working together with industry and society in general to introduce environmental initiatives. From carbon emissions, to recycling and rubbish separation, everywhere this is evident.

As individuals we all have a role to play and here at Nanjing USEON, every member of our team, from the Boardroom, throughout the whole company, is passionate about our enterprise mission, to improve the global environment, and contribute to the circular economy, by providing green solutions.

Our dedicated team are working with many global partners and customers, developing innovative solutions, to close energy and material cycles, pushing beyond the boundaries of what was previously possible with polymers. We are proud of our progress and are constantly challenging ourselves to compete at a global level, with the best in the industry. Because of our passion, total dedication to our mission, and the energising culture driven by the leadership team, we are already recognised as a trustworthy, competent, and top-quality supply partner and solutions provider with global customers, in 70 countries. In the application areas we focus on, we are definitely No.1 in China, and have the respect of our global customers.

USEON are participating in the global fight to improve the environment. In addition to the circular economy and recycling materials, where we also provide solutions, reducing carbon footprint, by using less energy is a big focus. Advanced technology foams, for improved insulation, and lightweight but strong structural components, produced on our machines, are playing a very positive role in addressing this challenge.

Energy loss due to poor insulation in buildings is a key area where massive improvements can be made. Insulation foam produced from XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) is providing a solution to this challenge.

For instance, energy lost through a building’s foundations, accounts for a huge percentage when compared with the other parts of the building such as walls or roofs. As a result, the foundations require heavy insulation in order to prevent this energy loss, in addition to prevent moisture penetration. The XPS not only saves energy used for heating/cooling but it also strengthens the overall infrastructure owing to its various properties such as high compressive strength and moisture resistance. Insulation foams produced using XPS are used in multiple energy saving applications especially in the construction of residential and commercial property. This is resulting in consistent growth for the XPS market, especially in developing countries.

The global extruded polystyrene (XPS) market size was estimated to be USD 5.5 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 6.7 billion by 2024.. Increasing construction activities around the globe are driving the demand for XPS, as it is primarily used for improving the insulation of buildings. The use of XPS in emerging countries is is also creating growth opportunity for the market in the future.

USEON’s XPS ECOFEL series is providing cost effective, and highly productive solutions, for clients across the globe, helping them to produce XPS insulation foam, and contributing to the mission of creating a greener environment through energy saving. Using our years of experience, we’ve supported many international companies in opening world class, and competitive, XPS manufacturing facilities. We have over 230 XPS Foam Board Production lines across the globe, reaching outputs of up to 3,000 kg/h, producing board width between 450mm and 1250mm.

In addition to XPS, one of our most recent and exciting developments, is the introduction of PET FOAM CORE LINES. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic that produces a lower cost, yet structurally sound core product. PET cores can be heated and converted to specific shapes and are growing in applications as more manufacturers are realizing its consistent properties and benefit.

PET has become a massive part of our everyday life, and in particular the millions of bottles of beverage that we consume, after which we then discard the bottles into the garbage. The good news is that PET bottles are highly recyclable, and our machines can use the recycled PET flake to produce the PET foam. In addition, we can supply the PET recycling machines, therefore offering a complete turnkey package, from scrap bottle, to high value foam. From our earliest years we started to develop PET recycling lines, and due to our 15 year’s – deep experience in providing solutions for this sector we now have deep experience to offer the market.

Due to the excellent mechanical properties, PET foam core is used in applications such as wind energy, railway, aviation, and boat building, and especially in applications that need light weight but high strength. Our PET foam solutions follow our mission, and are a significant contribution to the circular economy, and a greener planet.

At USEON we will continue to develop our technology and innovate, always with the core mission of providing green solutions in our mind, and as the saying goes

“Our words have power, but its our actions that shape our life “

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