WPC Production Line

WPC sheet production lines get the most out of the benefits of twin screw direct extrusion technology.

USEON can supply the completely WPC extrusion line from feeding to stacker.

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Besides the general benefits, what is more important, the natural color and fiber have been saved at the best, not only does our low-temperature and low-shearing extruder design contribute, but the innovative process flow takes credit as well.

Due to the wooden floor has been fed through the side feeder where the plastics are already in molten condition, thus the temperature setting can be lower than convey zone.

As a result, the wooden color and fiber grain has been maintained in its natural way.

TROJA, one of our clients in Latvia. There’re some experience about this project, PP Compounding with Wood Fiber and Sheet Extrusion.

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Basic Formula

PP Compounding with 40% wood fiber, color masterbatch and additives

WPC Sheet Specification

WPC Sheet Application

WPC (Wood-Plastic Composites) is a new type of composite material that has flourished in recent years

WPC products have a wide range of applications, and can be used to decorate wall panels, outdoor floors, fence posts, plastic-wood pavilions, garden fences, fence fences, leisure benches, tree ponds, flower boxes, etc.

WPC can be used for landscape revetment in humid and watery environments due to its advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, insect-proof, not easy to deform and easy to maintain. Wood-plastic composite materials do not require daily maintenance, the service life is longer than ordinary wood, and the visual effect of the simulated logs meets people’s pursuit of nature.

And TROJA’s WPC products is a protection layer of wall and ceiling panel.

Extrusion Process

PP and Color masterbatch are feed into the first barrel.
Wood fiber premix additives then feed into side force feeder. PP melting temperature is more than 190℃, so it is necessary to feed wood fiber after PP melt.
USEON supply screw design to avoid over shearing but still good mixing without reducing the length of fiber.
Due to low fluidity of wood fiber, USEON develop special gear pump and suggest one type lubricant for inner lubricant.
The final sheet will be sticky on the nature wood panel for waterproof. So need Non woven fabric coating for both side.

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